Lisa is the mom of twelve amazing kids by birth and adoption (and sometimes more through foster care). More than thirty years ago she married Russ; they had no idea the adventures awaiting them. They celebrated their 32nd anniversary by becoming foster parents.

Once lost, now found, she is forever thankful for grace.

Lisa’s adoption journey has been marked by joy as well as challenges of trauma and attachment. She earnestly believes in the power of Jesus to heal children’s broken hearts and wounded minds. Her life has also been marked by grief following the loss of her daughter, Kalkidan, who went to be with Jesus three years ago.

Lisa is passionate about caring for children from “hard places.” She is a TBRI Practitioner and works for Fostering Idaho.

In 2006 she created the blog One Thankful Mom ( where she writes her honest reflections on family, faith, adoption, and foster care.